Industry events are usually hosted by a technology company or foundation, like VMworld, Oracle OpenWorld, OpenStack Summit, or Gartner Events.

At most industry events, Red Hat is one of many sponsors or exhibitors.

When we sponsor an industry event, we show our support for our partners and communities. These events are a great way to meet current and prospective customers, alongside brands they like and trust.

Our presence at events can include workstations, printed collateral, giveaways, and more. The main visual element, is the Red Hat booth.

Red Hat booth

Simple visuals

The golden rule for signage design is to keep it as simple as possible, while still visually interesting. Don’t overload the eye with too much text or complex graphics. It’s essential to make the key items stand out clearly. Background images should not distract the viewer from important text. Make sure the text is in a strongly contrasting color and high impact type style for optimal readability.

Concise messaging

Most attendees will only look at your both for a few seconds. Short messages are easier to absorb and faster to read. Stick to big statements and key ideas that match what the event’s audience is looking for. The booth should start conversations and draw people in. Leave the details for handouts and postcards.


Red Hat is the first thing a person should recognize about our booth. The Red Hat logo should be the most prominent—in the top right whenever possible. The second thing visitors see should be the main message or specific product or campaign information. Third should be the secondary message (if there is one). Last, imagery.

Remember, these elements may be spread across different panels and sub-structures (like workstations), so it’s important to design each piece as part of the whole. Review the content and imagery of the full booth even if you are only responsible for a single wing panel.

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