Space for privacy is provided, but we default to open. We create value by sharing, and traditional cubicles obstruct collaboration.

Our physical spaces are uniquely Red Hat, and they tell a story to everyone who visits. We connect what we look like as a business to the ideas that we support.

By including branded elements in our workspace, we reinforce the Red Hat culture and celebrate the ideas that inspire us.

The bold, large-scale images we use in our offices focus on nature and visually link us to the ideas of sharing, growth, and collaboration that our business is built on.

Local culture is also part of the stories we tell. Familiar and locally significant accents reflect our globally diverse offices and their part of the larger Red Hat story.

It is important to brand our offices to maximize the customer, employee, and visitor experience. Every office should be able to send a global, regional, and local message about Red Hat. It is important to educate customers and visitors, while at the same time maintaining consistency and pride.