When our partners win, we win. We are committed to equipping partners with the knowledge, skills, people, and tools they need to succeed. To maintain the power of the Red Hat brand as a marketing tool, our partners should use our partner logos carefully and follow all guidelines, including those for our corporate logo.


Our trademarks include not just our logo, but the name of our company and the names of certain products, services, and technologies. Using our trademarks correctly in text is just as important as using the logo correctly.


Our partner logos allow partners to represent their relationship with Red Hat in a way that’s accurate, informative, and on brand. Using a Red Hat partner logo on your website or in marketing materials makes it clear that while you are not representing yourself as Red Hat, you are a Red Hat partner and a trusted source for Red Hat products, services, or solutions.


Business partner logo


Technology partner logo


Certified technology logo


Cobranding is another way to show the relationship between Red Hat and our partners. Cobranded logos are used in shared messaging and marketing materials like collateral, web banners, or swag.

There are situations when neither a Red Hat partner logo nor a cobranded logo make sense. For example, when multiple company logos appear side by side. In these situations, our logo can be used on its own. Be sure to correctly follow our corporate and product logo standards, and reach out to your Red Hat Marketing Manager for guidance.



We love when partners promote the Red Hat brand on their websites. To avoid confusion, the partner’s name and logo should always be the most prominent.




Partners can use their Red Hat partner logo in marketing materials, as long as their own name and logo are more prominent. The important thing is that customers are not confused about whose marketing materials they’re looking at.

Depending on the situation, partners can choose to use their own look and feel or match a corporate Red Hat campaign. In either case, the partner’s own name or logo should be used and be more prominent than the Red Hat partner logo.

Sometimes, its not appropriate for cobranded or joint marketing materials to be as fully branded as either company would usually prefer. In these situations, usually with partners that are the same size or larger than Red Hat, use neutral colors from our secondary color palette instead of bold red.



Events that are hosted jointly with Red Hat and a partner should use the small events logo template. The event logo is not a substitute for the Red Hat partner logo—you should use both, along with the partner’s own logo.



Don’t use the Red Hat logo alone to represent your relationship with
Red Hat.


Don’t make the Red Hat logo more prominent than the partner’s logo.