Red Hat Common User Experience (RCUE) is a project to create a consistent user experience across Red Hat applications. It offers reusable assets and guidelines that can be applied broadly by either designers or developers.

There are two places where brand must be consistently integrated in Red Hat enterprise products: the masthead and the login screen.


The masthead includes the header area at the top portion of the screen. It is a persistent design element that appears on most, if not all, screens. Due to its location on the screen, high-priority and global design elements are placed within the masthead. All Red Hat web applications must include a common masthead.

Login screen

The login screen should be used for all enterprise web applications that have adopted RCUE. This screen includes a larger version of the product logotype and the Red Hat Shadowman logo in the upper right.


The logo area is in the upper left corner, and includes the product name.

The primary navigation area resides below the logo and utility areas.

The utility area is in the upper right corner. It contains the login and other utility links as needed. These additional links would be to the left of the login.


PatternFly, the upstream project to RCUE, was created to promote community-based innovation around enterprise IT design patterns. It offers common design elements such as user interface (UI) widgets and components, along with a library of common interaction patterns that help teams streamline and accelerate the UI design and development delivery process. UI designers internal and external to Red Hat are encouraged to contribute to the upstream community.