Our primary text treatment (all caps) gives a modern, bold, and authoritative feel.

Left-align the text in the lower third. In rare instances it will be necessary to right-align the text (e.g., where the subject is in the left side of the frame or the length of the title is too long). Do not ever center text.

If the environment blends in with the type, use a subtle drop shadow or other technique to offset the lower third to prevent illegibility. Avoid hard edges or very opaque drop shadows that give the look of an extrusion to the type.

Download lower thirds templates


Secure-24 customer success video.

Customer success stories will have a varied look and feel in terms of graphics and transitions, derived from the customer’s branding.


2014 Red Hat Summit: Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat keynote.

All videos created for events will have a consistent lower thirds type treatment that conforms to the event look and feel.

Showcase videos—videos not necessarily made for the event—don’t have to have event branding.


Depending on how and where a video will be used, it may be subtitled to best reach our global customers, partners, and associates.

Download subtitle templates


Design files are rarely final. They will be referenced by account and project managers, edited by others, or sent out for translation or production. If we all name and organize our video assets the same way, we can easily identify and locate them.

Download video guidelines