Upstream Communities

In the open source community, a project is upstream if its code is used by other projects or products. At Red Hat, upstream community and project brands are totally independent from the corporate brand, even if we have a close relationship with the community.

Downstream Communities

Downstream projects and communities use and adapt the upstream code as projects, products, or users. Brands for downstream or user communities, however, can have a closer relationship to the Red Hat brand


Listed below are a few of the many communities connected with Red Hat.  For a complete list of the communities, see the Red Hat Open Source Communities page.

Red Hat Open Source Communities

Visit: AeroEar.org

Visit: ansible.com

Visit: arquillian.org

Visit: centos.org

Visit: ceph.com

Visit: theforeman.org

Visit: freeipa.org

Visit: gluster.org

Visit: hawkular.org

Visit: hibernate.org

Visit: infinispan.org

Visit: forge.jboss.org

Visit: keycloak.org

Visit: libvirt.org

Visit: ovirt.org

Visit: patternfly.org

Visit: pulp.plan.io