Red Hat is a company where people can make a difference. It is a place to take chances and grow. Everyone at Red Hat has an opportunity to have a creative, inventive, collaborative career they couldn’t have anywhere else.

But no one at Red Hat will ever tell you that collaboration is easy, or that it is always fun. Real collaboration is hard work, and requires faith. But working at Red Hat teaches us that it is worth it. Eventually, every Red Hatter discovers that working with brilliant, energetic, creative people is its own reward.

Working at Red Hat is not a zero-sum game. You can’t succeed and move up at Red Hat by yourself. Red Hat is a meritocracy where reputation is earned by how well you help others succeed. We succeed as an open source technology company when we create more open source winners. And we succeed as individuals when we help create more winners within our ranks.

Our values



Open source depends on a free exchange of opinions, ideas, and expertise. Freedom fuels our growth and propels progress.



To our customers. To our shareholders. To every community we work with. And to one another. There is no real freedom without it.



Freedom isn’t free. Exercising it takes courage. Trusting in freedom is often a leap of faith.



Fall down 7 times, get up 8. Commitment means staying fixed on our goals, believing in our approach, trusting one another, and seeing things through.


Our defining balance

Balancing our values is how we compound innovation and work together harmoniously. Maintaining this balance keeps Red Hat in a state of constant change—the balance is always shifting and righting itself. It also firmly roots us in a greater purpose: constant improvement. Sharing that purpose makes us a community.

No single value is as important as all of them. Freedom without accountability is chaos. Courage without commitment is aimless. Commitment without freedom is pointless. Accountability without courage is uninspired.

We serve our customers. We serve our communities. We serve our shareholders. All are connected. None can be ignored.

How we work together

Over time, we’ve learned that many of the ways open source communities function are also effective approaches to running our business.

These 5 ways of working together multiply our efforts, compound innovation, and build lasting value. Collectively, they are known as the Red Hat multiplier.



Empathy, respect, and shared purpose build a sense of community.



We believe in others’ ability to make a meaningful contribution.



We openly share information that contributes to the work of others.



We never work alone.

Multiple leads to optimal.



We run with the best ideas.

No matter where they come from.