Red Hat events and customer experiences are key to our development model. The relationships we build through these channels fuel the collaboration that defines our business. Our events target specific audiences and interests, but event brands should also always be aligned with corporate Red Hat brand standards.

Our event logo standards offer a clear and scalable system. By using this common vocabulary, event organizers can ensure consistency across all Red Hat events, which amplifies our corporate voice.

This section focuses on logos for events. For more about event themes and booths, see the events section of the applied standards.

eventlogo_samples_0004_Vector-Smart-ObjectRed Hat Summit is the centerpiece of the Red Hat year, where we announce products, meet customers and partners, and share our vision.

eventlogo_samples_0003_Vector-Smart-ObjectTraveling events bring Red Hat to our customers and partners by delivering a single, focused message to a series of cities.

eventlogo_samples_0002_Vector-Smart-ObjectLarge events are smaller and more focused than the Red Hat Summit. They provide a unique experience to a specific group of our partners, customers, or communities.

eventlogo_samples_0005_Vector-Smart-ObjectSmall events can be executed quickly and efficiently for any audience or setting, making them invaluable tools for sales and field marketing.

eventlogo_samples_0001_Vector-Smart-ObjectExecutive events bring groups of thought leaders together to discuss common challenges and experiences, highlighting how Red Hat can help their business.

eventlogo_samples_0000_Vector-Smart-ObjectInternal events are how we spread the word about our technologies to Red Hat associates and celebrate our successes and company milestones.