Internal events are how we spread the word about our technologies, successes, company milestones, and how we strengthen our culture.


Internal and external events use the same logos, just in different colors. Choose the type of logo that best fits the event, then make the icon any color from our palette except Red Hat red.

The logo for internal events does not include the Red Hat logo, so make sure to include one when you create materials with the logo for internal events, like handouts, fliers, or swag. Including the Red Hat logo is the best way to promote our brand and our culture to both Red Hatters and the wider community.

InternalEvents-03Using the internal event logo and Red Hat logo in opposite corners works well for things like presentation slides, handouts, and collateral.

InternalEvents-02For t-shirts, you can use one logo on the pocket and the other on the back or sleeve. You could also incorporate one of the logos into the t-shirt graphic.

InternalEvents-04For swag that only has one imprint area, use both logos with enough space between them so that it doesn’t feel cramped. The internal event logo is usually larger than the Red Hat logo.



Red Hat President’s Club is an annual celebration of outstanding members of the sales team and other high performers. Each participant received this packet, which included an invitation, the event destination, and travel information.