This annual event is the centerpiece of the Red Hat year, where we announce new products and programs, meet customers, partners, and prospects, and share our technology vision.

Red Hat Summit is our largest global event, with more than 4,500 attendees each year. Community contributors, system administrators, IT architects, executives, partners, and developers all come to Red Hat Summit to network, learn about our portfolio of products and technologies, and experience the Red Hat brand. It is also where we talk about new and interesting solutions and spend time with analysts, press, and other industry influencers.

Red Hat Summit is the only event of its kind at Red Hat, and the only event that uses the “Summit” name.


Because Red Hat Summit is an opportunity for Red Hat customers, partners, and community members to come together, it made sense for the logo to take the shape of a navigational marker.

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The logo for Red Hat Summit does not include the Red Hat logo, so you’ll need to make sure to include one when you create materials with the logo for Red Hat Summit, like websites, handouts, ads, or swag. Including the Red Hat logo is the best way to promote our brand to attendees both during and after the event.

Summit-04Using the Red Hat Summit logo and Red Hat logo in opposite corners works well for things like presentation slides, handouts, and collateral.

Summit-03For t-shirts, you can use one logo on the pocket and the other on the back or sleeve. You could also incorporate one of the logos into the t-shirt graphic.

Summit-05For swag that only has one imprint area, use both logos with enough space between them so that it doesn’t feel cramped. The Red Hat Summit logo is usually larger than the Red Hat logo.


RH_Summit_donts_1Don’t use the Red Hat Summit logo on a red background.

RH_Summit_donts_2Don’t stretch or distort the logo.

RH_Summit_donts_3Don’t place the Red Hat Summit logo too close to the Red Hat logo.


summitexamples_360_0000_Layer-3Both the Red Hat and Summit logos are used on these banners. Since Summit is held in the same location more than once, large signage like this can be reused.


T-shirts with the Summit logo can be a souvenir for attendees or a way to identify onsite staff or experts.

RH_Summit_example22014 marked the Red Hat Summit’s 10-year anniversary, so additional text was added under the logo. The event location and date can be used in a similar treatment.


The theme for Summit changes each year, and is reflected in the environmental graphics at the event. The logo always stays the same.