By bringing a single, focused message to a series of cities, traveling events bring Red Hat to our customers and partners.

Like the logos for Red Hat Summit and large events, traveling event logos are based on the idea of a navigational marker. The marker for traveling events is smaller and teardrop shaped, and has space for an icon that represents the topic of the event.

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Traveling events fall into one of 2 categories — Forums or Tours.

Red Hat Forums

Forums are traveling one-day extensions of Red Hat Summit, taking localized Summit content on the road.

Red Hat Forum: Location

Red Hat Tours

Tours are any other group of 3 or more events about the same topic. Tours move from location to location.

Topic Tour Presented by Red Hat

Red Hat Topic Tour: Location





The logo for traveling events does not include the Red Hat logo, so make sure to include one when you create materials with the logo for traveling events, like websites, handouts, ads, or swag. Including the Red Hat logo is the best way to promote our brand to attendees both during and after the event.

TravelingEvents-03Using the traveling event logo and Red Hat logo in opposite corners for things like presentation slides, handouts, and collateral.

TravelingEvents-02For t-shirts, you can use one logo on the pocket and the other on the back or sleeve. You could also incorporate one of the logos into the t-shirt graphic.

TravelingEvents-04For swag that only has one imprint area, use both logos with enough space between them so that it doesn’t feel cramped. The traveling event logo is usually larger than the Red Hat logo.


traveling_examples_0000_Layer-3This promotional postcard uses a drop shadow to make the red event logo pop against a red background.

traveling_examples_zurichPromotions for traveling events may emphasize the idea of travel or the location, like this postcard, but the logo should reflect the content of the event.