Programs are long-term, Red Hat-funded, regional or global in distribution, and have a strategy that includes objectives, milestones, and a target audience. Programs can be internal or external, and may include events or subprograms, like program initiatives or courses.

How are programs named?

Programs should have descriptive names that tell the audience what the program is. Most program names start with “Red Hat.”

Program logos are simple, descriptive, and meant to be used with additional branding elements like photos or graphics. Using a standard program logo makes sure our brand is used consistently across Red Hat, makes it easy to differentiate programs from other elements, and means programs look more trustworthy to associates.

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If a program has multiple elements or parts, they can be added outside the red box. Usually they’re added to the right, but can also go underneath. This makes sure the relationship between program elements is clear.

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programs_oncolor_0004_Vector-Smart-Object programs_oncolor_0001_Vector-Smart-Object


Program logos don’t use the Red Hat logo, so you’ll need to make sure to include one when you create materials for your program, like fliers, presentations, or swag. Including the Red Hat logo gives your program credibility and promotes the Red Hat brand.

Programs-05Using a program logo and a Red Hat logo in different corners works well for things like presentation slides, fliers, and collateral.

Programs-03For t-shirts, you can use one logo on the pocket and the other on the back or sleeve. You could also incorporate one of the logos into the t-shirt graphic.

Programs-06For swag that only has one imprint area, use both logos with enough space between them so that it doesn’t feel cramped. The program logo is usually larger than the Red Hat logo.



This sticker for the LBGTQA Leadership Community uses a standard red program logo, but adds a rainbow bar to both make it more distinctive and make space for the Red Hat logo to be included.


The Women’s Leadership Community chose to use an outlined program logo on the pocket of this shirt. The back includes the Red Hat logo and a graphic promoting the Women in Open Source Award.