Department and role logos are for formal organizations within Red Hat, or for individual roles, like Technical Account Manager. Teams with these logos usually align to official company hierarchies and all report to the same manager.

How are departments and roles named?

Departments and teams should use unique descriptive names as determined by Red Hat’s organizational structure. Roles should be professional and customer-facing.

All names should include a descriptor such as “team”, “department”, or “manager”. Department, team, or role names should not include the words “Red Hat”, since the full logo is included in the lockup.

Department and role logos are simple and clean. The team name is aligned under the Red Hat logo, implying that it is part of the larger organization. These logos are perfect for use on swag or as a Mojo thumbnail image.

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Since the department and role logo includes the Red Hat logo, you don’t need to include a separate corporate logo. But make sure you follow all the rules for using the corporate logo—they apply here, too.



The Global Workplace Solutions Team used their department logo on reusable tumblers.


The Brand Team used their department logo on the back of a limited-edition t-shirt.