Red Hatters use online apps, portals, and other tools to collaborate, share assets, communicate, solve problems, or otherwise get work done. Some tools may be used by customers, but most are only for Red Hat associates and partners.

How are tools named?

When Red Hatters create their own custom tools or rebrand an existing tool, the tool name should start with Red Hat.


Tool logos are usually used in the headers of online interfaces, so it’s important that they work well in small, narrow spaces. If you need a more compact logo to promote a tool, a team badge can be created to complement the tool logo.

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Tool logos don’t use the Red Hat logo, so you’ll need to make sure to include one somewhere else in the interface, as well as on materials promoting it. Including the Red Hat logo gives your tool credibility with associates.


If there’s space, you can place both logos in the header. This is the preferred arrangement for external tools.


For an internal tool, you can use the tool logo in the header and the Red Hat logo in the footer.


toolexamples_360_onairRed Hat On Air provides audio and video sales briefings for the Red Hat sales team. Here, their tool logo is used in promotional materials.

toolexamples_360_insightsRed Hat Insights is a predictive analytics tool that helps customers identify and resolve issues before they occur. Their tool logo is used in the header of their site.